Anabode: Property Management

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Anabode: Property Management

Anabode: Property Management


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Join thousands of landlords & property professionals around the world who already use Anabode to power their residential & commercial rentals!

Are you looking to save time & boost efficiency? Well, Anabode has your private rentals, student housing, serviced apartments, multi-occupancy units, social housing, build to rent & co-living developments covered.

Anyplace Anytime –

Anabode's easy to use admin & communication tools provide improved compliance, maintenance logging, contractor assignment, tenancy management & financial reporting – perfect for on the go landlords & property professionals.

Get started today with a 14 day free trial – no credit card required.

Some of our Features & Functionality –

* Tenant Management: Manage tenant on-boarding using Anabode. Take care of any maintenance requests, document sharing and communications, all via the app.

* Income Tracking: View rent reports, make rent adjustments, and log income across specific date ranges. Export reports to help you keep on top of cashflow and accounting.

* Expense Logging: Track maintenance costs and general day to day expenses by property and portfolio. Export reports aligned to specific time periods to assist with cashflow and accounting.

* Maintenance: Manage tenant maintenance requests and even housekeeping at the single touch of a button from anywhere in the world. Manage your own repairs and maintenance tasks as well.

* Communications: Contact tenants and manage communications, all from one place. Email, call, private or group message tenants or contractors at the touch of a button.

* Reminders: Keep track of all those small and large tasks, such as certificate and licence renewals, with handy To Do lists, Reminders and Alerts.

* Checklists: Make sure you don’t miss anything important during the rental process with administrative checklists tailored to landlord and property manager needs.

* Documents: Anabode’s secure cloud document storage ensures instant, easy access to all important tenancy documents, for both you and your tenants, wherever you are.

* Long & Short Leases: Manage all types of accommodation including private rentals, student housing, build to rent, housing associations, serviced apartments, co-living developments and multi-family complexes.

* Tenant App: Anabode is free for your Tenants. Once they have downloaded the app, they can access all their tenancy documents, chat with you and log repair requests.

* Contractor App: Anabode is free for your contractors as well. Simply assign them to properties based on trade and region. View status reports as they handle repairs from start to end.

Get started today with a 14 day free trial – no credit card required.



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iPhone应用程序【Anabode: Property Management


– Link property ownership or specific landlords details to a rental unit.
– Ideal for properties with multiple owners, or for property managers wanting to link individual landlords to a rental unit.
– Add Your Own Contractors: Process has been streamlined.
– General Performance Upgrades: We have made improvements to system performance and fixed minor bugs, resulting in a better user experience.
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