k #1 Notes in camera

k #1 Notes in camera iPhone应用程序

k #1 Notes in camera

k #1 Notes in camera


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k is the fastest notes app right in your camera. Use k for the same things you use Camera and Notes and more:

— Take notes and photos at once
With the instant launch, instant typing and instant shooting.

— Achieve more
Tap Search to web search your current line or selected text. It's now easy to do the 1st step of almost anything. Or the whole thing.

— Get great ideas
Not just more ideas.

— Secure and private
k collects no data at all. Has no ads. No registration. k doesn't even store your notes and photos, it saves them in your Files and Photos apps.

— iCloud sync
Edit your notes on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Even without k.

— New productivity
The goal of k is to become the ultimate productivity tool — 1000 times higher productivity for everybody. Taking a photo or starting your web search takes just a few milliseconds in k, it takes a few thousand milliseconds in Notes.

— Achieve more
Get your k — the #1 productivity camera.



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iPhone应用程序【k #1 Notes in camera


Hello! We’ve updated the app page. Now you can take photos with your notes on top by dragging the camera button left (you can turn off saving original photos in the menu). k has a bit nicer background for the icon and the app itself. It’s now easier to customize the transparency by dragging the camera button up or down. k now has a nice haptic feedback when taking photos, just like the Camera app. You can iMessage me by tapping ? from the menu.

P.S. Near the bottom edge of the photos with text (only the ones with text), k puts a beautiful little logo. You can crop it out in the Photos app. Soon k will have a private paid subscription to turn it off.

©Anton Karev


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