Lydul – Punch List & Estimate

Lydul - Punch List & Estimate iPhone应用程序

Lydul – Punch List & Estimate

Lydul - Punch List & Estimate


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Lydul is a reporting tool for construction workers, to speed up the creation of field reports. Reports are collaborative, and always up to date.

Customers using Lydul will most notably benefit from focusing on their expertise, as the Lydul tool memoryzes details and tracks tasks. The ease of issues creation, and progress tracking will also be appriciated. The convenience of using universal links that refer to created reports from any other digital document, chat, or email is key as well. Links ensure that collaborators always work from the latest version of reports. Users will not disrupt existing workflows and software. Lydul is a powerful overlay, available from anywhere in your phone.
Users will benefit from the collaborative nature of reports, which allows for seamless handoffs or sign off, and task progression tracking.
The app efficiently works online as well as offline.

Lydul is the #1 app for daily inspection and audit reporting, designed to organise construction photos, site notes, and audit reports on the go.
The app most notably includes updating issues with progress photos, and documentation photos. Updated issues will automatically show in pdf punch lists created from these issues. This will allow all colleagues to keep track of the closeout process and get daily updates from the construction site.

We power businesses worldwide with the top construction management platform for productivity, using only your iphones and ipads.

With Lydul, deliver same day customized PDF forms and punch lists for estimates, rfi, and rfp. We make it easy to carry out your site audits.
You can focus on getting your construction management in order, and track your punch list right in the field, and to complete daily – weekly – monthly surveys prior to final payment. Revolutionize the way you manage projects by checking for incomplete or incorrect installations in detail, or incidental damage. Lydul means construction management done right, especially for listing work not conforming to contract specifications, or providing the essential information when completing work with contractors.
Audit professionally and amaze your clients and colleagues by delivering your personal and professional touch during site walks and closeout process. Lydul is a versatile construction management app to oversee planning and design construction, that centralizes capture and reporting of important data, to track construction projects within detailed building inspection and custom site inspection reports.

Share reports over email, or any 3rd party service.
Benefit from offline and online mode to sync across all your devices with automated reports.

Lydul helps all construction professionals including carpenters, construction laborers, contractors, foreman, superintendent, estimators, inspectors, journeyman, plumbers, pipefitters, carpenters, flooring installers, roofers, solar photovoltaic installers, equipment operators, boilermakers, elevator installer and repairman, construction managers and engineers, architects, interior designers, electricians, operating engineers and other equipment operators, commercial property managers, but even homeowners!

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iPhone应用程序【Lydul – Punch List & Estimate


– Quickbooks integration!
– Simplified photo annotations


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