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Notewrap – Book & Blog Writer

Notewrap - Book & Blog Writer


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Write a book, blog, essay, report and research paper, write in pieces, take notes daily on the go whenever imagination strikes, draft the notes and add them to a notebook, later add, remove, rearrange and remix notes & photos and make notebook your way.

Notewrap has been redesigned & rebuilt using the latest Apple technology. An even more simple user interface with the title and the note merged into a single note. The first line of your note becomes the title. A Split View with 3 column interface on the Mac & iPad that shows a list of the notes, photos or notebooks with its contents side by side.

Comes equipped with the Dilly Dallying Clock, a widget that lets you know the amount of time spent without writing a word.

Supports scribble so you can use your Apple Pencil on the iPad to write and take notes.

It assists you in every stage of the writing process.

– Make notebook your way, a Writer's Loose Leaf Notebook that lets you add, remove, rearrange and remix notes & photos and make unlimited notebooks, to rearrange simply drag a note and drop it to another position, the notebook is your manuscript, it gives you an overview and lets you edit chapters and front & back matter.

– An Elegant Text Formatting interface that lets you style, align, indent and add bullets to your notes, select text and style it to bold, italic, underline or strikethrough, align and indent paragraphs, add classic bullets to your text such as bullet, dash and numbered bullets and create to-dos.

– Style text your way, Elegant & Classic Fonts to choose from, set font such as New York, Helvetica Neue etc. and customise paragraph settings such as line spacing, paragraph spacing, indent and firstLineIndent, there is also a manuscript button that set text format settings to industry standard manuscript format.

– Publish & Print your way, write with a font size that you are comfortable with and customise font size and line spacing while you publish & print the notebook.

– Export to Markdown automatically converts your notes, photos & notebooks to markdown format, you can also export to various file formats such as plain text, rtf, rtfd, pdf & html and share or save it to iCloud.

– Proofread and Markup each chapter with the pencil only on the iPad.

– You can focus on writing, Publishing & Printing is handled for you, lays out the notes & photos into pages, adds page breaks and page footers and creates a beautiful pdf document for you.

– Awesome Dark & Light Mode colour palettes, historic hale navy colour palette is overview colour and midsummer night is the notes colour palette.

– A Powerful Integrated Search that categories search results into notes, photos and notebooks and shows you the search results in the same views for easy navigation

– Tag notes & photos as Favourites and easily access them from favourites icon.

– Automatically Syncs all your notes, photos & notebooks to iCloud and across devices to iPhone, iPad and Mac, a robust sync feature that keeps each and every note taken from any device safe on iCloud and makes it available to all the devices.

It also comes loaded with other amazing features such as current location, split view etc.

Notewrap is a powerful digital loose leaf notebook that lets you move notes & photos from one notebook to another with tap of a button. In Notewrap, a document is a notebook which can be a book, a blog or an assignment and paragraphs are notes in the notebook which can be moved & arranged by dragging and dropping into the position you desire within the notebook.

Whether you are a writer writing stories, poems or articles, blogger writing blog posts, student writing essays, assignments or reports or researcher writing research papers, with Notewrap you can create such writings as notebooks your way on the go, it provides a simple and elegant interface and gives you complete control in the way you want to create and style your writings, enjoy writing!



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