Tarpley’s Maintenance Tracker

Tarpley's Maintenance Tracker iPhone应用程序

Tarpley’s Maintenance Tracker

Tarpley's Maintenance Tracker


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Location, location, location!
Upkeep, upkeep, upkeep!

Landlords, homeowners, property owners, property managers, maintenance managers, maintenance staff, rent men, real estate agents, private, public, government, military, civilian, police, fire, and even the pool man can lead the way with property maintenance and upkeep.

Almost everyone can use the Tarpley's Maintenance Tracker app.

Multi-unit, single unit, commercial, residential, and even the dog house maintenance can be organized and tracked to lead the way in property success and beauty.


* Track your property maintenance from your iPhone.

* At-a-glance know the status of all of your maintenance activities.

* Completed, In-Progress, Not Started, and even Unknown Status let you know what needs your immediate attention.

* Before and After repair pictures remind you of what good repair work was completed.

* Know how long the contractor took to complete the repair.

* Never misplace a contractor or tenant phone number.

* Store tenant and contractor phone numbers with the repair …never again to get lost amongst the hundreds of other contacts in your phone!

* Know who fixed what when. Match the contractor with the repair!

* Never say… Where did I put that plumber’s business card?

* Problem with the repair? Call that contractor on the carpet… Why is it taking so long to fix that leak?

* Let others see that your repair was completed and here is the record to show!

Other Uses:
Keep track and record of almost anything that you can imagine:
1. home projects
2. work projects
3. car repairs
4. school homework
5. religious activities
6. bills
7. weight lost activities with (before and after pics)
8. home gardening projects
9. pet shot records
10. auto-body shop repairs

Never again operate without knowing the status of your repairs.

Upkeep, upkeep, upkeep.

Get "Tarpley's Maintenance Tracker” app. You can have great property too!



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iPhone应用程序【Tarpley’s Maintenance Tracker


Dark Mode was added! Tarpley’s Maintenance Tracker now looks even better in Dark Mode! Check out the great new look. Along with the addition of Dark Mode, a few bugs were fixed and performance updates were implemented to keep your app looking and running smoothly!
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