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Twist · Team Communication

Twist · Team Communication


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Twist eases team communication by keeping conversations organized, structured and on-topic. No more messy email threads. No more chaotic real-time chatting. Twist keeps all your team communication and collaboration organized and on-topic in asynchronous threads so everyone can work more productively.

Teamwork doesn’t need to be chaotic and stressful. Twist – from the developers of the 5-star productivity app, Todoist – coordinates all your team’s conversations so that they are always structured, contextual, and in one place.

"The Best Communication App for Distributed Teams" – PCMag

Twist makes team collaboration more structured and productive so your teammates can focus their attention on the work that really matters. Your team can choose when exactly to connect to discuss things and when to disconnect to get work done.

"Twist has devised a way for people to mindfully disconnect, which allows for deeper work and more meaningful interactions when teammates check in" – The Verge

And unlike email, everything in Twist stays accessible and searchable for everyone, forever, so no team work is ever lost or buried, even if someone leaves your business.

Keep all your conversations and team chats organized by projects in asynchronous Threads. Receive announcements on important updates, discuss ideas in Threads, coordinate project updates, and gather feedback right on your iOS device.

Twist's Main Features

• Keep all your organization’s different types of team communication and team messaging in one single place.
• Organize your team's discussions into specific Channels so everyone is fully coordinated and on the same page.
• Use asynchronous Threads to organize specific discussions around a certain project or topic.
• Easily choose which specific team members to notify in each specific Thread.
• Send Direct Messages to one or a few people for quick questions or just to socialize.
• Loop in guests, clients or business contractors so your teamwork stays centralized and accessible.
• Attach files and easily find them in past discussions.
• Integrations with GitHub, Todoist, Zapier and more.

Make Twist your one-stop team collaboration hub and stay organized and in sync with all your team discussions.

We’d love to get your feedback and suggestions on how we can make Twist even better. Reach us at @twistappteam on Twitter or [email protected].



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