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100+ Smoothies Recipes

100+ Smoothies Recipes
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A smoothie is a refreshing drink that is typically made with fresh or frozen fruit or vegetables, plus juice and milk and yogurt or some other thickener.

Smoothies can be either room temperature or icy cold, like a milkshake. I prefer the taste of frosty, milkshake-like smoothies.

You can achieve a similar texture by simply adding ice to your smoothies, but I think it doesn't work as well, because the more ice you add, the more watery the smoothie will become, thus defeating the purpose of adding the ice in the first place!
I believe homemade smoothies are healthier than the smoothies you buy at smoothie shops or the powdered smoothie mixes. That's because when you make a smoothie at home, you know exactly what goes in it – there's no hidden sugars or artificial ingredients, and the proportion of fruit to juice is often much higher than the smoothies you typically find in smoothie shops.

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