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For professional paperless meeting practices there is only one tool: ActiveMeetings. From simple scheduled consultations to complex decision-making projects comprising multiple committees, consultative and advisory boards: ActiveMeetings helps you to take better decisions in less time.

How does it work?
ActiveMeetings consists of two parts:
1 – The ActiveMeetings App for meeting participants
2 – ActiveMeetings Management, the online dashboard for meeting organizers.

Meeting organizers use the online ActiveMeetings dashboard to organize meetings and distribute documents to the ActiveMeetings App used by the meeting participants. The ActiveMeetingsdashboard and the ActiveMeetings App are a winning collaborating combination.

Advantages for meeting participants
Preparing a meeting is so easy. For each meeting you receive just one PDF document, which includes the agenda, the attachments, minutes and documents received. Our unique PDF reader allows you to annotate the agenda, minutes or received document wherever you want. Those endless stacks of separate documents are a thing of the past: now you have everything neatly in one place. Annotating is simple, and you can share your notes with your colleagues during, but also before the meeting. Your notes are saved, and placed back into the document after an update of the agenda or attachments. The archive is immediately available and fully searchable.

Advantages for meeting organizers
Meeting organizers create and manage meetings in their own online meeting dashboard. This gives them maximum control over information. Creating and editing agendas is really super simple. Change the agenda right up until the very last moment before the actual meeting. One simple action distributes documents to different target groups. Managing action items and reports has never been easier. You automatically build a digital archive.

Advantages for chairpersons
Have more control over meeting results. Check the status of action items whenever you want. Edit the agenda structure right until the last minute. Shorten the meeting time by asking questions to the participants per agenda item before the meeting. All decisions and the complete archive are always available to you.

This distinguishes us from other suppliers
Consult documents both on and offline
In-App messaging
Easily share your notes with colleagues
True multi-platform solution
ISO 27001/2(2013) certified
Certified data storage in The Netherlands

Who can benefit?
Supervisory Boards
Boards of Directors



Download the[ActiveMeetings]@iPhone App

ActiveMeetings|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[ActiveMeetings]@iPhone App

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ActiveMeetings|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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