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The AlienMobile+ App provides you with remote management of Inim™ SmartLiving, Prime and Sol systems via your smartphone or tablet. You can remotely control your home and office by conveniently sending anti-intrusion and home-automation commands from your mobile device, whenever you like and from wherever you like.

AlienMobile+ supports all display sizes, it presents an interface with large-sized icons for simple and intuitive operation. AlienMobile+ has the same interface as Alien touchscreen keypads, so you will find an immediately recognizable environment with easy-to-use commands that you are already familiar with.

Function completeness has been achieved: with just a few taps you can arm, disarm or even partially arm the anti-intrusion system, access scenarios, access system components and the event memory status, switch on air conditioning systems, sprinklers, lights, and much more.

In addition to SMS management, you can synchronize the messages configured on the control panel and send them via the App as commands.

Through AlienMobile+ it is possible to manage multiple SmartLiving, Prime and Sol systems: thanks to multi-control panel management you can in fact interact with numerous installations without limitation. In this way, it is possible to control a number of systems (home, office, business premises, etc.) in a combined manner.

AlienMobile+ also offers a chronothermostat function which allows you to control diverse thermal zones, and manage cameras. You can interact with a camera and control its image-capture angles as well as manage simultaneous multiple-viewing (up to 4 cameras), furthermore, you can associate different cameras to different SmartLiving, Prime or Sol control panels. But it does not end there: with AlienMobile+ you can access Inim Cloud services, thus obtaining the possibility of receiving push notifications regarding alarms, faults, arm/disarm operations and the connection status.

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AlienMobile+|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[AlienMobile+]@iPhone App

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AlienMobile+|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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