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Apello – Drink Recipe Book brings you famous drink recipes, smoothies as well as cocktail recipes.

If you are looking for cocktail recipes or nonalcoholic drink recipes online, try our bartender helping app and prepare your own drinks effortlessly. We offer you one of the top drink recipe apps that contains all popular recipes from smoothies to cocktails. Whether you are trying to make a banana smoothie or an alcoholic drink at home, using Apello app, you can learn and make all types of drinks easily.

Download this recipe book and prepare your favorite drinks at home anytime!

• Apello- Drink Recipe Book app is here with all popular drink recipes including smoothies, cocktails and easy drink recipes.

• You can search for any drink recipe and keep them in your favorite list to access them anytime later.

• Get full instruction with ingredient list of any drink in our drink maker app.

• Access an entire list of both alcoholic and non- alcoholic drink recipes in our fantastic drinking app.

• If you are looking for a drink recipes app for free, then this recipe maker app is here for you. Learn drink recipes without spending a single penny.

Do you need easy homemade drink recipes for a party? Or, just a smoothie for your breakfast? Install our Drink recipe app and get step by step instructions on how to prepare your favorite drinks. Get the picture and full list of ingredients on this app before preparing any drink. Try cocktail recipes, classic mixed drinks, liquor mixers and all other types of drink recipes free of cost.

No more rushing into the restaurants or bars just to get a drink! Every drink preparation recipe is now in your pocket. Open the app, follow the instructions and prepare your favorite drink anytime at home.

Install Apello – Drink Recipe Book on your device, make and taste popular drinks at home!



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Apello|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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