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ArifZefen is the premier app for Ethiopian music, bringing you free on-demand and personalized radio services as well as a music store where you can purchase and listen to your favorite tracks offline. And now, ArifZefen is also bringing you the hottest music videos to complete the Ethiopian music experience for our fans.

On-demand: ArifZefen has the world's biggest and best organized Ethiopian music collection at your finger tips waiting to take you down memory lane or transport you to the hottest clubs in Addis.

Radio: Arifzefen's personalized radio services comes with several stations that will continuously adapt to your taste and let you discover music that has been hand picked for you.

Video: ArifZefen's hand picked music videos allow you to stay with us and enjoy your favorite videos as we curate only the best content and let you explore the videos for your favorite tunes.

Offline: ArifZefen's quickly growing music store boasts a rich selection of music that will allow you to purchase your favorite tracks and enjoy them anytime, anywhere. No data, no problem.

Looking for a specific song or artist? No worries. Arifzefen has the most comprehensive music catalog in Ethiopian music and its smart search and curated playlists will ensure that you can play your favorite songs anytime and anywhere. From the recent hits to the oldies, from popular artists to up-and-coming talents, from the party anthems to the spiritual tunes, ArifZefen has got you covered.

Whether it is for on-demand playback, radio or video, make ArifZefen your simple and only choice for keeping a finger on the pulse of Ethiopian music.

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ArifZefen|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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ArifZefen|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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