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AutoThink Driver App for INFINITI.

Our Process :
Admin will schedule a vehicle service from a web application as per the customer's request. Drivers are hired and registered in the dispatch centre application. Based on customer service requests and driver's availability, the dispatch centre operations team will assign a JOB to any of the active drivers. The Dispatch centre/Customer can track the drivers during the drop or pick up jobs. (service requests assigned to them).
The Autothink mobile app is developed only for the drivers hired by AutoThink. The registered driver can log in to the mobile by using his mobile number. Once the driver login into the app and performs Time-In action and then the Dispatch center Admin can assign a job for the driver as he/she is ready for service.
Typically drivers will perform only two types of tasks.
1) The driver has to pick up the vehicle from the customer and drop it at the service centre which we call as a PICKUP Job.
2) Once the service is Complete, The driver will hand over the vehicle from the service centre to the customer requested location, which we call a DROP Job.
Whenever a new JOB is assigned to the driver then a notification is triggered to the driver. The driver can click on it to view the complete JOB details. Now the driver can select a JOB from the assigned list and start working on it. The driver can find the complete job information including the service centre and the Customer info in the Job Detail. When the driver accepts a job, then the mobile app captures the location of the driver and updates it in the web application. The Customer and Dispatch Admin can track the driver through the Web application.
Auto allocation of drivers for service completed appointments.The driver can update his profile details like the picture and other details in the profile screen, he/she can view the list of all the notifications in the Notifications list screen and list of Completed/Pending jobs in the Work orders screen.
Auto allocation of drivers for service completed appointments.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.



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