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The food industry is all about handling food and anytime food is handled, health & safety is extremely important. Our research has shown that this is no different in the online food delivery service business as food is still open to contamination and tampering due to the way it is handled during transit. Meals are not always handed over to the customer intact as it left the restaurant or trackable at all times. Riders often have to search through their delivery bags for the right order that leaves the food open to contamination. Meals are also put into bog standard packaging that means that they are not always fresh or at the right temperature at the time of delivery. Restaurants are also easy target for food poisoning claims. The online food delivery industry needs a better solution.
At Atyourtime we provide our customer with peace of mind knowing that their delivery is always securely guaranteed. Our mission is to
'Bridge the gap within the existing food handling and delivery sector by ensuring a seamless, tamper proof and trackable service from restaurants to their customers in a timely and measurable fashion’.
Atyourtime will change the way food is handled and delivered with our first of its kind innovative tag & scan technology
Atyourtime provides a secured food delivery service that aims to strengthen the bond of trust between food vendors and customers. The idea behind this initiative is to give a better coverage to all and to ensure food integrity is preserved using our tag & scan technology to promote peace of mind. We have developed an internet- based app to be used in conjunction with our tag & scan technology
Our end-end delivery service is as follows; 

Customer orders a meal from a restaurant via Atyourtime App 

Restaurant receives order and prepares meal 

Rider is notified of order and accepts order pick up
Restaurant prepares and packages meal 

Restaurant requests for Atyourtime rider 5 minutes before meal is ready for collection 
by selecting “Ready To Pick “ button.
Rider gets a notification confirming accepted order is ready for pick up and heads straight to the restaurant. This is to ensure that the packaged meal is not left somewhere getting cold whilst waiting on the rider
Restaurant places packaged meal into 'Atyourtime' insulated warmer and 
seals the warmer with a secured, trackable and tamperproof tag right in front of the Atyourtime rider before handing the food to the rider

Rider scans the bar code on the tag to confirm order and accept responsibility 

A push notification is sent to the customer to inform them that their meal has been picked up and notifying the customer of the scanned tag id via an sms (customer is able to track rider via GPS) by Atyourtime rider 

Rider delivers meal to customer's doorstep with tag intact and untampered 

Customer checks and ensures that the physical tag id matches the id received 
via notification 

Customer accepts food 

Customer rejects food if id’s don’t match 
or the tag seems tampered
Customer acknowledges and confirm delivery by selecting YES or NO from the confirmation pop up message



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