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BB Classes is an online Testing and Learning Platform. On the BB Classes App , access can be given to students to attend their Live Classes, access to video content or study material and much more. Make your preparation count with BB Classes .

Exam Categories-

Whatever your Teacher decides for you.

• Tests: Take tests on chapter level, combination of subjects & chapters or full syllabus tests and be assured that your preparation is on the right track.

• Performance Analysis: Analyse your performance in tests with a detailed report of correct and incorrect questions, topic-wise breakdown and check your progress.

Live Classes & Course Content – visible on access

Interactive Live Classes: Get access to attend Live Classes scheduled for you, participate in Live Chat and get your doubts cleared – all during the class.

• Never miss a class: Get notified for lessons, upcoming courses and recommendations curated just for you, and stay on track with your schedule.

• Read, watch and revise: go through the study material docs or view videos provided by BB Classes . Revisit important topics whenever you need.



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BB Classes|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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BB Classes|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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