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The BetterWorld Technology iOS App is a SIP Softphone that adds mobility to the BetterWorld Unified Communications Platform, the business hosted voice and UC Platform.

Make and receive calls linked to your fixed business line using your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) and take advantage of the UC Softphone’s suite of enterprise mobility features:

Call Recording
Call History
Call Transfer
Call Holding
Multiple Call Support
Muting and Speakerphone

Simply add the BetterWorld Technology iOS App feature to an account and the associated user will be sent credentials to link their Softphone with their BetterWorld UC Account and contacts.

Manage the BetterWorld Technology Softphone and associated features using the BetterWorld Technology Portal for maximum portability and account visibility.



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BetterWorld Technology|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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  • All versions:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)5.0

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  • Sales maker:
    Blue Face Ltd
  • Release date:
  • Version:2.0.1
  • OS:iOS,iPhone,iPad
  • Price:Free


Download the[BetterWorld Technology]@iPhone App

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BetterWorld Technology|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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