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Whether you're writing a professional review, you're preparing a book report for school, or even if you're an amateur book reviewer looking to spread your reviews, this app provides the tools to create that perfect review in a few easy-to-follow steps.

Post your reviews to:
• Your personal blog and social media profiles.
• Professional review sites, Goodreads and Bookbub.
• Top online book retailers, such as Apple Books, etc.

Review any book, whether fiction, non-fiction, or academic, including audiobooks. As long as an ISBN number exists for the document, you'll be able to review it.

Also, you can rate the book and audiobook narration separately.

The output presentation is a beautifully-styled PDF document or a simple copy-and-paste option at the click of a button.

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Book&AudiobookReviewCompiler|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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