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Want to support passionate local restaurants?
Want your tastebuds to take charge of your dining decisions?

We are a go-to-app to resolve your daily "what to eat?" question.

BudsAlike: a mobile app connecting diners and restaurants, like a dating app in the F&B space. We want to create a friendly F&B ecosystem to connect food producers, restaurateurs and diners in one space.

We build your own foodDNA to disrupt the way you find food through our smart AI recommendation model.

The team behind BudsAlike:
– A group of foodies who wants to make your tastebuds happy
– A team of disruptors bringing smart living through connecting restaurants to tastebuds

我們相信口味不分好壞,只有啱唔啱食——他的5星,可能是你的1星;她的lam lam脷,可能是你的喊喊口;它的3星,對你來說可能還不及一碗街邊雲吞麵。飲食體驗應該是多元的,因此BudsAlike為每位用家建立個人的飲食profile,按各人的FoodDNA,提供個人化的餐廳配對推薦,最清楚你口味的人,只有你自己。



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BudsAlike|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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BudsAlike|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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