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An incredible English learning app used by 100 million people around the world.
Master your English using free videos and audio content updated daily!

You can learn real English expressions selected by English experts.
Practice your speaking and revise what you learned with quizzes.
Practice and repetition will make memorizing the expressions simple!
Continuous learning with Cake will definitely help improve your English skills.

It's fun.
– Learn with your favorite celebrity, artist, and vlogger videos.
– It's also full of exciting original content made by us.

You can learn real native English.
– Learn real English used in vlogs, movies, and TV shows.
– Become familiar with different accents and pronunciations.
– You can learn how to express one sentence in many different ways.

Cake will help you improve your speaking.
– Watch videos with subtitles, and repeat after each line.
– Get your pronunciation checked by our AI.
– Practice speaking like in a real conversation.

Learn step-by-step.
– Select a topic of your choice and study step-by-step with our 'class' feature.
– Study using the 'classes' created by English experts.
– You can practice speaking and listening like in real conversations.

Repeat and revise.
– Review what you learned using fun quizzes.
– Save the sentences you like, and test yourself.

Just 10 minutes a day.
– Achieve your daily study goals, and feel accomplished.
-The more accomplished you feel, the more motivated you'll feel to keep learning!

Cake's exclusive features
– Daily expression clips: New expressions are added daily, and are organized by topic.
– Original lectures: English lectures created by Cake
– Classes: Enables you to study step-by-step by combining lectures, videos, and quizzes into several courses.
– Quizzes: Listening, key expressions, reviews, and many more revision quizzes.
– Speak: Practice listening and speaking with audio learning.
– Today's conversation: Practice listening and speaking with a unique conversation every day.
– Save sentences and words: Practice and repeat sentences and words of your choice.

Improve your learning with Cake Plus.
Get unlimited hearts and enjoy the app with no ads.
Access exclusive Cake Plus content, and save as many words and sentences as you want.
Real English expressions selected by English experts!
Use Cake daily and watch your English improve!


Subscription to Cake Plus will be charged to your App Store account, and will be renewed automatically 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period. After your purchase, automatic renewal can be canceled at any time on the App Store. The current subscription fee for Cake Plus is $13.99 USD per month. The amount may differ depending on each country's currency and exchange rate; and is subject to change without notice. Cake is available for free even if you do not subscribe to Cake Plus.

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Cake - Learn English|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Our new video feature fit for vertical videos, called Snacks has been updated.
– you can learn from short and funny lectures
– you can save expressions that you want to memorize
We’ve also improved the UX/UI of our home screen!
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Cake - Learn English|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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