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– Discover a lot of animations and sounds on the theme of cars.
– All with child-friendly controls.

– Fill up the truck.
– Fill up the car with gas and have it washed right away.
– Work on the construction site.
– You get new cars. Unload them with the van.
– The truck changes its load. Do you recognize the shapes?
– The farmer drives different animals around in his trailer.
– What is going on in the workshop? Open the doors once.
– Who is calling you on the cell phone ?
– Drive through the car wash.
– Start the excavator at the construction site.
– Empty the garbage cans with the truck.
– Who is getting on the bus ?
– Traffic light on red, the car must stop, when green it may go.
– And other funny things.

Great bonus:
– Drive your car yourself.
– Child-friendly controls.

Language: English and German.



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Car Wimmelbook|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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