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If there’s one thing that we Indians love, it’s our ghar ka khana and because we live in a country of diversity, each home has its own unique blend of culture and ethnicity that trickles down into the meals prepared in these homes

Chefftin is a platform that gives every Indian home the opportunity to convert their kitchen into a business, to share their own home cooked meals with everyone outside of their homes, because, let’s face it, if there’s another thing that we Indians love, almost as much, it’s feeding our guests.

Why you’ll love Chefftin

No onboarding fees
We want to help you convert your kitchen into a business without having to make too large of an investment, which is why we have no onboarding fees

We don’t do commission
Yes you heard that right, we charge no commission on your sales. Everything that you earn is yours to keep.

Add unlimited products
You have the flexibility of adding, removing and changing up your menu without any restrictions at any time

Shut your kitchen anytime
You always have the option of shutting your kitchen at any time and restarting it at any time

Schedule your day, your way
All orders will reach you a day in advance, giving you the power to accept the number of orders you deem fit to fulfill on the following day

Delivery support
Our deliver partners have got your back, picking up meals from your home and delivering the same to that of your customer’s

Third Party Associations
The only fee charged would be a 2% transaction fee on every order which would be executed by Razorpay, our payment gateway



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Chefftin Seller|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Chefftin Seller|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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