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This Grandfather Clock is a unique version of the ClockZone editions. This is because this edition includes the ability to store recipes and track recipes using the unique countdown chain approach. A recipe can be started from any step and stopped at anytime. The recipe tracker will automatically notify the user when a recipe step is completed and forward the recipe to the next required step automatically.

The Grandfather Clock comes with a special unique old-fashion red recipe book, found in the old wizards forest. This magical recipe book can contain an endless number of recipes. You can add or delete recipes to your hearts contend. And track as many recipe steps as you like, all with the precision of the Grandfather Clock’s countdown tracker. The Grandfather Clock includes many awesome looking food icons, that should cover most possibilities.

The Grandfather Clock looks spectacular. The Grandfather clock stands tall and proud, jetting up at a solid 8’6” tall. Unlike most clocks, the Grandfather Clock is constructed from solid red oakwood. The Grandfather Clock is also elegant in its design and beauty, with miraculous attention to detail around the face, with hand-painted numbers.

The Grandfather Clock isn’t just about the looks though, but also about its sound effects. The Grandfather Clock comes with the main-hour song to start off a new hour. And it also does the hour strikes. For each quarter hour, a different quarter-hour song is played. The pendulum swings back and forth with second-by-second precision, playing the appropriate ticks sound-effect for each swing.

The Grandfather Clock’s tall-wisdom allows for precise and lighting-quick recipe searches! Using the built-in magnifying glass found in the wizards forest, any mortal human being can locate their recipe with ease.


Animated Clock – Graphical red oakwood Grandfather Clock, which includes moving parts; like the middle time-train, which moves up and down throughout the day.
Countdown Recipe Timer – The Grandfather Clock’s countdown timer is used to chain recipe steps together.
Countdown Notification – Notification sent to the iPhone OS as reminder a countdown timer is about to expire.
Countdown Step Alarm – For each recipe step, a simple metal bell triggers notifying the user the recipe is ready to move on to the next step.
Picking Recipes – The Grandfather Clock uses food icons to allow the user to quickly pick their recipes.
Search Recipes – The Grandfather Clock’s magnifying glass does quick binary searches to locate any recipe with ease.
Recipe Red Book – Using the old wizards recipe book, a user can add or delete recipes from the wizards vault.
Decorations – The forest wizards like to decorate the Grandfather Clock with fall decorations; like the cornucopia, pumpkins, corn, etc. However, the Grandfather Clock does allow the user to hide these treasures.
Tips/Help – The Grandfather Clock comes with built-in ‘Lolly-Pop’ helpers, which explain to add or delete recipes. It also contains quick tips throughout the application that can be disabled from the settings window.
Timer Background State – Countdown timer is able to continue running while user changes to other iPhone applications.



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ClockZone: Grandfather Ed|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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> New Search Tagging engine.
> New View and Edit screens.
> New Kitchen Timer countdown component
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