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No more reading the drinks menu in poor lighting.

No more shouting your order across a noisy bar.

Simply select your drinks from the ClubCloud menu, pay using your selected payment method within the app, and show the QR code to the bar staff. Your drinks are on their way!

ClubCloud displays the drinks menu from your favourite club or bar.

Select a drink or drinks and go to My Cart. There you complete the ordering. Don't forget to tip!

The app displays the QR code for your order. Show this to the bar staff who then gets your drink!

At this point your payment goes through – ClubCloud uses a well-established payments processing company to manage all this nice and securely. ClubCloud doesn't store any payment details (card number, etc.)

Enjoy your drinks!



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ClubCloud|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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ClubCloud|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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