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Diet – lose weight

Diet - lose weight
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Getting rid of the extra pounds will not be a problem. With
this application Diet – lose weight, everyone will be able to choose the right
diet for your lifestyle in order to bring the desired results .
Each diet has characteristics by which an easy and affordable way we
know its short characterization and assess whether it will fit to us. A
rich menu for each day of the week makes the dishes prepared according
to specified rules are not monotonous but tasty and easy to prepare .
Reminders protein in your diet will help you transition between Phases
so that it becomes easier to losing extra pounds.


• Weekly Diet – week diet lasts only seven days , and not recommended for
use over an extended period of time. The diet allows you to dump even
1.5 kg over its duration !

• A restrictive diet – a diet cycle should last exactly 14 days, and any
deviations may cause the treatment will not be as effective. Using diet
can lose up to 10 pounds.

• Vegan diet – low calorie , provides the body with much less harmful
saturated fatty acids and thus reduced risk of heart disease.

• 1000kcal Diet – thanks to this diet have a chance to get rid of 6-8
pounds in a month. Daily menu has only 1000 calories . Diet is so
balanced as to provide a necessary component , and so are the proteins,
fats , carbohydrates , vitamins and trace elements. Everything in the
right amounts and lean . A diet of 1000 calories nutritionists consider
to be one of the safer .

• Volumetric Diet – Experts believe that the volumetric diet is effective
, safe , wholesome, and for this good for the heart. Volumetric diet
(also called volume ) based on the selection of the products according
to their calorific value . It is based on products containing a lot of
water , so you can eat more , avoiding excess caloric.

• Gluten free

Be sure to consult a doctor or nutritionist to see if there are
contraindications to the use of diets contained in the application Diet.

Book of 100 ideas for diets and a slim figure – Polish edition.
Author: S. Kahlau
ISBN: 83-7079-761-X



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Diet - lose weight|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[Diet – lose weight]@iPhone App

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Diet - lose weight|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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