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If you have ever spent time trying to compare different health insurance options, then you know that choosing the right plan can be a frustrating experience. But with the Dr. W's Equation app you can now quickly and easily compare health insurance plans, and find one that makes the most financial sense.

Don’t be fooled by copays, and deductibles – they’re just marketing tools that insurance companies use to sell lucrative policies.

Instead, use the Dr. W's Equation app to add each plan's Premium and Out-of-Pocket maximum together to see what you might have to spend on health insurance, and health care.

The results may surprise you: is the cheapest plan the most advantageous? Or is it worth spending more to upgrade? The Dr. W’s Equation app can help you decide by providing a detailed, step-by-step explanation that is easy to understand.

So don’t keep falling for the same old confusing tricks, and stop wasting money. Because when it comes to health insurance, it pays to know when to go for the Gold (plan, that is), and when not to.

With the Dr. W’s Equation app fifteen bucks could save you thousands more on health insurance!


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