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Explore hundreds of tasty recipes using British Lion eggs as their main ingredient! Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen making them the number one inspiration to use in breakfast recipes, lunch recipes and dinner recipes as well as snacks and desserts.

We’ve cracked our Egg Recipes app into categories to accommodate different tastes, cooking styles, diets and plenty more! So whether you need a quick low calorie dinner recipe, or a protein packed lunch on the way to the gym, the Egg Recipes app has something for everyone.

There are a number of features built into the app to help you with all your eggy needs, including an egg timer which you can alter to your cooking preference, whether it be soft boiled, hard boiled or poached. There’s also a handy feature which allows you to save your favourite recipes and access your most recently viewed, the perfect place to keep your favourite recipes for a quick dinner or delicious snack.

Here are just a handful of the Egg Recipe categories on offer:

For the busy folk! We’ve got a whole bunch of quick and easy recipes which can be prepped and cooked up in no time at all. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast fix before you leave for work or you need to cook up a quick lunch when you’re against the clock – we’ve got the right recipe here for you. Check out our Spanish omelette or green protein pot to get started!

Whether your cooking abilities are minimal or you just need a night off, these easy recipes use simple methods and limited ingredients to reach tasty heights with little to no effort at all. Try out our unique egg in a mug recipe or our pepper and courgette frittata! Make sure to check out our handy egg timer to easily cook your eggs to perfection.

Eggs are a great base to a number of baking recipes – we’ve collated our favourites in our baking recipes section which includes easy-to-follow methods for a wide range of desserts, including chocolate torte, citrus soufflé, a deliciously unique mango & passionfruit omelette and much more!

Being low in calories and a good source of protein, eggs are a handy food when it comes to rustling up healthy recipes and low calorie dishes. We have a bunch of healthy recipes throughout the app including low calorie meals and high protein meals which help fuel those keeping to workout routines.

Eggs are a great ingredient to include in a diet which focusses on calories – one medium egg contains fewer than 70 calories making them useful when controlling your calorie intake. These recipes allow you to consume meals with fewer than 350 calories. Take our low calorie huevos rancheros in a hurry for example – full of delicious ingredients but still low in calories.

Eggs are of course classically eaten at breakfast time and our range of breakfast recipes doesn’t hold back on ideas and taste. Whether you’re looking for healthy breakfast ideas or some quick and easy brunch recipes, our wide range of breakfast recipes are perfect for every day of the week. From the more simple perfectly poached eggs to the more unique salmon and egg breakfast wrap, we have something to appeal to everybody’s tastes.

Our app also contains many useful features such as;
– full nutritional data for each recipe
– information about British Lion Eggs
– favourite recipes section
– recipe videos from our popular website

Have you ever struggled with timing the perfect egg? The Egg Recipes app also comes equipped with an egg timer which comes with pre-set boiling and poaching times so you can be ensure your eggs are spot on every time, whether you like your eggs runny or hard boiled.

So whether it’s a quick and easy low calorie dinner, or a lazy Saturday brunch recipe you need, download the Egg Recipes app now to begin cooking up your next delicious meal!

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Egg Recipes|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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