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Food Book Recipes

Food Book Recipes
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Food Book Recipes is an awesome A.I based recipe app. It helps food lovers to cook wide variety of healthy and delicious dishes. Food Book is a complete cookbook app which helps you to become a perfect cook. Food book has the largest collection of recipes from different parts of the world. Download this recipe book app and enjoy cooking new recipes. We have the collection of different festival recipes, country-wise recipes, kids recipes etc. if you are a beginner in cooking then this will be the best companion for you. All foodies who love to cook alone can use this app. Even kids can simply prepare their favourite dish very easily. Step by step directions for cooking a new recipe. Recipes we cook has to complete the diet needs. This app provides great food with good variety. People always needs healthy food with more taste. Christmas recipes, New year specials, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Ramadan, Salads, Cake recipes, Meat, Chicken, Vegan, Juice, Smoothies and more in a single app. If you are a beginner in cooking then this will be the best cooking guide for you. This cooking app gives you great cooking ideas for this Christmas. Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes, Christmas eve dinner recipes and much more recipe collection. All delicious and healthy Christmas recipes are here. You can get your favourite recipe by searching the recipe name, ingredients etc. You can access recipes without the aid of internet by adding them into offline. You can bookmark your favourite recipes too. You can add ingredients to shopping list so that you can buy it from the market very easily. Our extensive library of delicious dishes highlights the many diverse cuisines of world. You can try variety of dishes. Explore the largest collection of Asian cuisines. Authentic and delicious collection.

Key Features :

* 'FoodShot' : Don't know the name of any ingredient? just point your camera and see the wonder!!. An Artificial Intelligence recipes finder. Detect upto 5 ingredients at a time using camera and find recipes having those ingredients!!
* Cook with Siri : Introducing Handsfree cooking experience in kitchen with Siri Shortcuts. Now you can ask Siri for "Next Step" or "Repeat Current Step" to get step by step instructions from Siri while cooking
* 'FoodStore' : Users can select 4 ingredients and can search for the recipe having those ingredients.
* Search recipes by ingredients, names, tags
* Detailed recipe information : servings, nutritional value, calories, duration, cooking tips and many more
* Offline recipe access
* Shopping list
* Recipe videos
* Favorite recipes can be stored separately

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Food Book Recipes|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Food Book Recipes|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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