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We just don’t delivered food, we deliver top notch customer service by ensuring your favourite meal is delivered to your named place within the shortest possible time. With years of experience in consolidation and quality, we have assembled the best and hygienic food vendors across the country on one unique platform. With such variety of choices, we are sure, you will find your favourite without any stress of having it delivered.

Just get on the app or our website and put in the location of your choice to find restaurants
And food vendors near you.
You can filter by category of food or groceries you looking for in real time. Whether you need the food delivered as soon as possible or you can schedule when the foods needs to be delivered.

You can know in real time at every stage of food preparation to delivery at the tip of your finger. You can share your delivery tracker with family and friends to do collection on your behalf. What are you waiting for? Just download our app to experience the magic

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Do you have any queries, comments and suggestions? Please get in touch with one of customer service representative using the below details:
By contacting our general customer service team at: [email protected]



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Foody Merchant|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Foody Merchant|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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