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Is an on-demand application that offers various delivery services as customers want, such as ordering food, delivering parcels, documents, calling a taxi, calling technicians and other services.

Frabbit Ondemand Delivery There is an app to order food, food delivery, free food delivery service, order food online, call a taxi, send parcels, send flowers, call a technician, call a maid, massage delivery, etc. We are ready to service in the area. Your local

On-demand Frabbit Application
Ondemand Delivery Application for Thais for Thais We understand local people. Do not take advantage of shops and rider employees. Helping the community have a better economy Employed in the service area Frabbit is designed to satisfy our customers, the stores are satisfied, Partners are satisfied, we can get a portion of our revenue. Will be donated for local developments not leaked outside the country.

Frabbit Ondemand Delivery You order, we deliver to all locations

Examples of services that Frabbit provides as follows:

Food delivery Food delivery free delivery.
Order food online, free delivery and charge for delivery based on distance.
Send documents
Send flowers wreath
Call a taxi, taxi, motorcycle taxi, tricycle taxi
Deposit, pay bills, pay for products
Deposit products from LOTUS BIGC 7/11
Call a masseur Call beautician to cut hair
Service to the home, office, hotel, accommodation.
Convenient and safe transport for children from school to home
Made to order service According to customer requirements

Frabbit Partners

Prabbit's Rider Shop Partner team selects a professional team, good history, no problem, safe every time you use our service. We also guarantee Customer damage When the sage from our mistakes as well
Frabbit Ondemand Delivery Service Area

Frabbit is now testing the service in two areas. And open to more branches in many provinces in the North and other regions

1. Frabbit Nan Trial Branch is open for service.
2. Frabbit Chiang Mai Branch Preparing for service
3. Frabbit Lampang Branch (Data collection)
4. Frabbit Phayao Branch (Collecting data)
And ready to expand its branches all over Thailand If interested in opening a branch in your area, please inquire.

Frabbit offers a variety of services. Besides food delivery We have many other services such as online food ordering, Fooddelivery, parcel delivery, document delivery, flower delivery, calling a taxi, TAXI, taxi calling, masseuse, barber, maid, pest control, electrician, plumber, car wash, delivery, etc. that provide delivery service. Off-site, you can join Frabbit.

We charge only O baht for food delivery, delivery for other services, taxi calling apps, delivery apps, charge according to distance, fair price, convenience, safety.

Contact Frabbit Ondemand Delivery

If you have suggestions, Frabbit Ondemand Delivery, an app to order food delivery (Food Delivery).
Order Online Call a taxi TAXI motorcycle taxi, call a technician to notify you at

Line: @
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 091 879 9889



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Frabbit|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Frabbit|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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