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Turn your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch into your FAVORITE teacher of French.
◆ The most essential words and phrases of the language, each with native speaker audio.
◆ Master your accent with the Speech Studio. Simply record yourself saying a phrase and then hear your voice next to the teacher’s. You’ll be AMAZED how quickly your foreign accent melts away.
◆ All audio is downloaded to the device and accessible even in airplane mode or without expensive international roaming fees.
◆ Nemo is NOT BUILT AROUND LESSONS at all. It is meant to be picked up and put down throughout the day, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.
◆ Builds a foundation of French empowering you to speak CONFIDENTLY in EVERYDAY CONVERSATIONS.
◆ NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of French required.

Nemo® is specially DESIGNED to tap the remarkable power of your mobile device, and your brain, to their fullest.

Nemo is your personal trainer, tracking your PROGRESS across every single word and phrase.
◆ Practice French the way you'll use it. Nemo is fully customizable.
◆ Nemo immerses you in the sounds of French so you naturally speak with ease.
◆ Dive into WHAT YOU WANT to learn at any time.
◆ You control which words to practice – skip words you don’t want to learn or already know.
◆ Turn on Review Mode to study what you practiced earlier in the day to BOOST your memory retention.
◆ Hear English descriptions of all words, in a flashcard format.
◆ Quiz your mastery of the vocabulary.
◆ Nemo introduces words to you progressively to develop familiarity and reviews them at the right moment so they enter your LONG TERM MEMORY.

Maximize your time investment by targeting the most basic and high frequency words of the language.
Upgrade to the complete version to:
◆ Get off the beaten path or find comfort with DIRECTIONS, TRAVEL and HOTEL phrases.
◆ Decode menus with the most common FOOD words.
◆ Shop and find bargains like an insider with must-know SHOPPING phrases.
◆ Learn words useful for your time in france.
◆ Build your proficiency with the most important verbs and SENTENCE BUILDING BLOCKS in French.
◆ Spark new friendships with COMPLIMENTS and CONVERSATION STARTERS.

Use your new skills to make friends, impress old friends, bring smiles to children, get out of jams, experience new things, speak confidently, and make your travel and cultural experience more rich and fulfilling.

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French by Nemo|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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French by Nemo|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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