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The primary purpose of the application "Gaga Yayınları" is to use with the books "Bir Çocuk Bir Mucize" and "One Child One Miracle" with "utility AR". The books are sold for
In order to use the AR books "Bir Çocuk Bir Mucize” and “One Child One Miracle" you need to purchase the hardcopy of the book first. When you buy the book from "", you can start using your app. In the free app "Gaga Yayınları" you will see the guidelines how to use it. If you like to skip the instructions, you can press
skip and continue.
The application is free and it also provides access to AR books along with the other books of the publish house. If you like to view, get information about the books, you can use the app. To purchase books that are on sale, you can again use the app to visit "" and buy the book you’d like to.
If you like to use the free app with the AR books, just press "got to AR" button on the right side, below the picture of related books. One of them is the Turkish version and
the second one is the English version of the same book. The app allows you to use both of them only if you have the hardcopy.
As new interactive and AR books are presented to you, they are going to be added into the application.
Gaga Publishing will continue producing modern, up to date, educating, interesting, meeting the requirements of the century and efficacious publishing. 
Our target is to spot the requirements in the field with the professionals and finding solutions. And also to support innovative approaches, follow the pioneer approaches
globally, and to look for authentic innovative approaches. 
Our products are prepared by professionals in their field with great patience, effort and will continue in accordance with these principles.
Our principle is to create products with the motto; "the best advertisement is to receive the appreciation of people."
When preparing products, it is crucial for them to be versatile. It is also important to prod reading and learning, to get attention, to get the appreciation of readers.
At the process of writing, it is our initial goal to support our writers who are professionals in education, preschool education, kids, books, child psychology to use their creativity. Also it is a priority to identify the needs of the community in order to reach more people, to have a wide variety of publishing by hosting versatile ideas. 
We give great importance to books, education, educators, innovative approaches, different and authentic ideas , respect to ideas. 
With Love and Respect!



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-Bir Çocuk Bir Mucize AR Kitabı için etkileşimli 3D Boyama özelliği uygulamaya eklendi.
-Bazı hatalar giderildi.
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