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Harvest Fresh Phone App Ordering System

Harvest Fresh Application is a Phone App ordering system set to revolutionize the way in which our customers order their produce. No more text messages, emails or phones calls to place your orders.

Our Ordering App allows you to create your own 'My Product List' of the items you would normally order.

This is the list you will see when you launch your app.

To order simply, add quantities to the items you want to order, add any delivery comments and click place order.

An order confirmation is then sent to your email, when you receive your invoice at a later date it will match the order confirmation exactly.

It’s that quick and that easy. Eliminates errors, saves you time & money.

The Search Produce feature allows you to search all available products in the A to Z list or search via the item name text box. Once you have found what your looking for simply add it to the 'My Product List' for ordering

Our App also shows a featured item that Harvest Fresh thinks will interest you. It may be new seasonal produce or a special that is currently available. A history of your last 7 orders are also visible in the App.



Download the[Harvest Fresh]@iPhone App

Harvest Fresh|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[Harvest Fresh]@iPhone App

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Harvest Fresh|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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