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Honda iManual

Honda iManual

Application for browsing Honda Owner's Manual on a smartphone or a tablet PC. Intuitive user interface, convenient search and other useful features enable simple access to necessary information on safety, driving and maintenance of your Honda vehicle.


Multiple Search Methods:
• text search — enter a word or beginning of a word (3 symbols or more);
• visual search of basic elements and controls on exterior & interior 360° as well as detailed views. Touch a highlighted element, button or indicator to display information about its functions and operation.
• index shows the list of articles combined in sections and chapters on common subjects, making it much easier to find information on related systems or features.

Automatic Data Compilation and Update:
The system automatically identifies your vehicle’s model, year & MTO by its VIN (serial number) and downloads corresponding data only. Thanks to regular updates through Wi-Fi you can get actual and correct information about your vehicle anytime.

Language Selection:
Owner’s Manual data are available it three languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian.

One Application for Multiple OMs:
You may download several Owner’s Manuals for different Honda products on your device.

Supported Models:
CR-V 2013-2014 (EU), Accord 2013-2015 (UA, US, CN).



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  • newest version:1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)1
  • All versions:1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)1

Number of people evaluated:7



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People reviews

Impression and review of people to iPhone App [Honda iManual]!

  • Car not found
    by HondaInMS on 2021-03-22 at 10:45 PM

    I saw that this app had a 1-star rating. Then I saw only 1 person had rated it & given a bad review because it couldn’t find their 98 Civic. Well, now it has 2 out of 2 bad ratings because it couldn’t find the VIN of the 2018 Pilot that we just bought used this weekend but didn’t come with a manual. When I tapped select vehicle after it couldn’t find my VIN, the only options were Accord or CR-V. So I guess it’s useless if you have one of the other 11 Honda models & need an owners manual.

  • Remove this app
    by Nano news on 2021-01-30 at 1:29 PM

    Why is this app that does not work even offered in the App Store?

  • Needs vin?
    by Sophie26773389: on 2020-09-10 at 11:09 PM

    Can’t just look up a model and trim, have to enter vin number which seems unnecessary

  • Not a full app
    by JollyLeChuck on 2020-01-02 at 1:14 PM

    The CRV manuals are limited to select EU models.

  • Useless
    by safedrivernyc on 2019-08-07 at 1:57 AM

    Don’t recognize my vin and failed to load the manual It’s a total garbage

  • Car not found
    by junkyardbuildz on 2019-03-10 at 2:54 PM

    I have a 1998 Honda Civic Ex typed in vin vehicle not found then says select vehicle gives me choices of crv or accord the vin digits will tell you that a EJ8 is a ek body style civic so why is civic not popping up

  • 2019 vin not recognized
    by writemom84 on 2018-10-04 at 7:38 PM

    I guess I should have known the app wouldn’t work when I saw it was 3 years old. Boo.

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  • Version:1.0.2
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