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Infomycity Manager allows you to manage customers and bookings for your business. You can enter your business for free.

Infomycity is a free application that lets you find all the place dedicated to social life and sorted by types all over the world.
Find out, look,search and book: all types restaurant, pub. lounge bar, finest club, wine bar, night club, beach and much other.

Navigate on the map or search directly around you or in all place in the world.
Thanks to Infomycity you can book the place where you can enjoy your time in safety. You can choose your table or special requests.
And through our form chat or video call, ask for information.

All affiliated commercial activities, will have their owndedicated application. Where they will receive payments, manage reservations, an all customers data.

In countries where permittedby law. It will possible to enter health data and other information on the state of health.



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InfoMyCity Manager|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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InfoMyCity Manager|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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