iWeather – Live Forecast

iWeather – Live Forecast

iWeather - Live Forecast

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  • iWeather - Live Forecast - VITEB SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
    by iTunes Store on 2018-07-12 at 11:50 PM

    iWeather - Live ForecastVITEB SOLUTIONS PVT LTD Genre: Weather Release Date: December 29, 2012 © © VITEB […]

  • Limited
    by Jrsv44 on 2015-01-08 at 9:52 AM

    The app gas limited information with no hourly data. The interface is also cumbersome and you must add the location each time if you are not employing the GPS. […]

  • Same issue as the last version
    by Jdkosjnric on 2013-01-03 at 1:19 PM

    I used to use the iweather app because it really was very informative. I had switched to using the accuweather app because iweather did not have a portrait orientation (though I could never figure out why not). Recently, accuweather has completely ruined their app by making it ads over literally half the screen. When I saw that there was a new version of iweather I thought I would give it a try. To my amazement, there STILL was not portrait mode. Is it really so difficult to just move around the information panes to make the screen rotate? If anything I would prefer having only portrait to only landscape. I'll give this some time and see if you guys are willing to actually listen to feedback before deleting this app AGAIN. It didn't seem to work with the last app though. […]

Clean and professional user interface design packed with accurate Weather data for iphone,ipad and ipod.

With the success of our iPhone Weather app, now its turn for the iPad/iphone users to see how user-friendly and easy to use our Weather application is in the daily routine.

Application Features include:

• High-end professional design.
• Excellent use of screen.
• Search weather by Current Location, City Name.
• Radar
• Satellite
• Webcam
• Forecast 7 days
• Hourly forecast for 24 hours
• Default Location setting to see the weather every time you start the app.
• On screen ‘Celsius’ to ‘Fahrenheit’ conversion.
• History of search you performed for your destination.
• Bookmark of the location you performed for your destination to see the weather on day to day usage.
• Default setting of temperature (°C/°F) to see the weather in every time you start the app.
• Bunch of weather information being displayed in a highly intuitive manner.

Current Weather includes information like:

• Current Temperature
• Current Condition
• Wind
• Humidity
• Dew point
• Wind Chill
• Barometer
• UV Index
• Visibility
• High Temperature
• Low Temperature

In the Forecast, along with temperature, you will find additional useful information such as:

• Wind
• Humidity
• Precipitation

Stay tuned for our other existing new iPad/iphone applications that will be useful in your daily routine like our current iWeather application.



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