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– The world’s first e-learning application of Japanese cuisine’s culture & techniques!

The number of Japanese restaurants reached 120,000, but only 3 percent of Japanese restaurant with Japanese chefs. Now, Japanese food is globally known, but most of the world’s culinary school have no Japanese cuisine course nor special curriculum. It is said that the number of travelers coming to Japan will increase rapidly and Japanese food trend will expand because of Tokyo 2020 Olympic. To meet the need of “wanting to learn Japanese cuisine”, we are going to provide an e-learning program with the right Japanese cuisine’s knowledge and cooking skills.

– Streaming in several languages (English/Chinese) for the cooking

techniques of well-known Japanese cuisine.
Japanese cuisine cooking class supported by the Japanese government has been highly recognized by the students in Hong Kong, Spain, and France. And it is expected to be said that 40 million foreigners will visit Japan in 2020, and Japanese food trend will arrive as well. We will provide “Correct Japanese cuisine know-how” in English and Chinese.
The curriculum is made by the top chefs of Japanese cuisine, Japanese Culinary Academy. And the top chefs of Japanese cuisine teach directly in the videos.

– You can learn whenever wherever with your mobiles and tablets.

E-learning curriculum with videos can be checked anytime anywhere with your tablet and smartphone. You can learn Japanese cuisine’s professional techniques by watching the videos. And without worrying to buy items by visiting Japan, you can purchase professional items online used in Japanese cuisine videos.
Please take this world’s attention, a chance to acquire techniques and skills of Japanese cuisine.



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Japanese-cuisine.com|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[Japanese-cuisine.com]@iPhone App

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Japanese-cuisine.com|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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