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Let's make your own recipe book in the "my recipe"!

"I recipe" is a simple app to make your own recipe book.

[Be able to have their own recipe]

· Your own you can leave a note of was adjusted recipes.
· Name, classification, time required, I can input material, how to make.
Image is transmitted immediately when you showed to other people it is possible to input and with photos.
– It is possible to output in PDF so that you can show to other people and be attached to the printed or e-mail.
You can search from all-items (name, classification, etc.)

[How to use your own recipe]

First of all I will continue to add the name of the recipe from "+" button in the upper right corner. In this example it is "tomato sauce pasta of eggplant".

When you tap the entered items will be on the screen in which you can enter the photos and classification and time required.
Which items are also not required, but let's put as much as possible for when you make while watching later.

Tap the place of materials and how to make and enter the material and how to make.

Please be careful because the input of material is a little unique.
Enter the material and the amount, separated by a "!" Mark of the half-width.
Example:! Pasta 100g

How to make is I can be entered directly. You do not need because numbers automatically get.

[Of my recipes use]

· Various Memorandum of when you arrange your own flow by cooking while the recipe to reference.
· Try to create a new cuisine to remember when you went well.
· Memorandum of recipes you have taught me from others



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Jibun Recipe|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Jibun Recipe|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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