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Introducing the Kalofit 360 on demand mobile meal planning and fitness app.
Kalofit 360 is like having your own private weight loss, diet nutritionist and personal trainer in the palm of hands available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
With Kalofit 360 you can design your own eating program or use our ready-to-print optional recommended eating plans and grocery list by our Registered Dietitians or Doctors.
You DON’T have to pay a nutritionist or personal trainer to tell you what to eat.
You DON’T have to count points or calories or try and figure out what the right foods are for your personal needs.
You DON’T have to read labels and calculate fat and protein content.
Slimply use Kalofit 360 app on your phone or computer and watch as you reach your personal goals

Kalofit 360 Integrates With:
Apple Watch
Apple Healthkit
Fitbit Wearables
Fitbit Aria Home Health Scale
Moveband by Movable

One of the many ways we make your fitness easier is with our integration with the Apple Health. This handy feature allows you to quickly, easily and automatically track and log your daily steps. All of your information will be stored and synced to your cloud profile allowing for easy reviews and assessments by you and your coach.

Enabling or disabling the feature can easily be done from your device. Simply log into the app, then go to Settings, Optional Settings, and choose the “Enable Apple Watch Sync.” You can alternatively enable or disable this feature by going to your local iPhone settings.
Garmin Vivosmart, Vivofit, Vivifit jr. and Vivosport wearable trackers.



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KaloFit360|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[KaloFit360]@iPhone App

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KaloFit360|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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