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Let's know what's wrong with your car, pick a suitable mechanic and enjoy an efficient and low-cost repair services.

Why Karneek?
• Get a comfortable and suitable mechanic.
• We have an option of home service and garage service.
• See the details and the strength of your mechanic before your order.
• Karneek suggest mechanics that fix your type of car for you.
• You can pay on the app (Credit/Debit) or with cash.
• You have your car repair history on your palm.
• On Karneek, you have safe repairs.

How to order for repairs on Karneek app:
1. Open the app, add your car(s) if it's not added;
2. Let's know in brief the perceived issue;
3. Let's know if we should come to your location or you're going to the garage
4. Our powerful algorithm suggests mechanics for your car;
5. Choose your suitable mechanic;
6. Drive to the garage or wait for your mechanic to arrive
7. Hand in your car for test driving and diagnosis
8. Pay for the services on the app (Credit/Debit) or with cash
9. Wait for a request to approve completion after your test drive with the mechanic
10. Rate mechanic and leave a review to help others discover your favourite mechanic



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Karneek|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[Karneek]@iPhone App

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Karneek|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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