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Do you like salads? Do you like to try new foods? Then KNOGG is for you! We took the nutritional information of a variety of foods and sorted them into food groups to create a framework for making an endless possibility of salads. 

In this app, you can choose which food groups are available to you in your salad, or you can create your own. For instance, we enjoy any salad that has leafy greens, a vegetable, a fruit, some nuts or seeds, and a cheese. The default setting will select one of each of these items to create your salad, but you can change these groups easily. You can also determine exactly which foods are in your salad, or you can have the app choose an item from a list of possibilities, which is a great way to change up your salad routine and find new food combinations! 

Measure out the amount of each item to finalize your result and tally the total nutritional information your salad contains. You can also save and rate your salads!

Basic features include:
• Define a basic outline for making personal salad recipes
• Get nutritional information for individual food items
• Generate unique salads
• Customize the level of "randomness" used to generate your salads. If your initial results do not sound appetizing to you, you can also fine tune your salad results.

Features with the upgrade include:
• Detailed nutritional information for your salad
• Input salad item quantities
• Log your salad recipes  
• Save your salads or send them to your friends



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KNOGG|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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