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KnowledgeMentor™ is a cross-platform mobile App designed to unleash the potential of instantaneous “human-to-human” knowledge mentoring, at large-scale and for widely-distributed groups. The embedded knowledge mentoring techniques and carefully structured knowledge flows allow participants to gather or share critical knowledge in selected knowledge themes and fields, either on demand, or in their own time. A motivating knowledge quest allows for the immediate recognition and potential reward of the most valued and consistent collaborators – whether personalised and peer reviewed, or procedurally and professionally monitored.

The mobile App as well as the supporting administration and analytic dashboards Eco-system are currently only available to clients engaged in knowledge mentoring projects which are managed and facilitated globally by the Knowledge Mentoring Institute group of global partners.

However, the latest release makes it possible to engage with large clients globally on a Train-the-Trainer / Corporate Licensee basis as well as the potential to collaborate with new channel partners in the consulting or learning and development space.

Major clients using KnowledgeMentor™ are already experiencing the following key benefits:
• Incentivising knowledge sharing
• Clarifying context instantly
• Nurturing culture change
• Reducing organisational risk
• Co-Creating sustainable solutions
• Unlocking high-value contributors
• Unleashing disruptive innovation
• Building collaborative trust
• Empowering widely-dispersed groups
• Igniting spontaneous value

KnowledgeMentor™ Drives Faster, Smarter, Whole Business Decision Making and Mentoring

This has proven to be particularly powerful for large corporate organisations wishing to contribute meaningfully to local community empowerment initiatives and / or the UN Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDG 1- 17) by allowing local communities or young unemployed graduates from developing or disadvantaged societies to participate meaningfully and benefit from the knowledge sharing, learning and “work readiness” conversations from corporate-sponsored knowledge mentoring programmes.



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Knowledge Mentor™|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[Knowledge Mentor™]@iPhone App

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Knowledge Mentor™|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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