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Line-Writer: Flexible Template

Line-Writer: Flexible Template
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"Line-Writer" saves your time to make a message and send it.

Features —

– Send a message to SMS, Email, and Twitter from same template
– Divide a message of template into some pieces to quickly access and modify these pieces of template that you need to edit it
– Select how to input text for each piece, – keyboard typing, selecting text, Input time and date automatically
– Change whether text of each piece will be added on message

Input text style of piece —
* Long Tap allows you to edit text with the keyboard

Enter text (keyboard typing)
・Specify keyboard type (Ex. number pad, phone pad, URL, and so forth)
・Cache the history of text you save in each piece
・Use assist menu to enter text
 - UNDO(Maximum number of undos is 20)
 - Search / Replace
 - Clipboard
 - Paste text of Notes
 - Use function of model of piece
 - Paste text of data in Contacts
 - Insert Text
 - Convert piece to 'Select Text' type / Divide piece

Select text
・Pick one out from all
・Select multiple text

Input time automatically
・Add or reduce time you specified(Ex. 1hour later)
・Round time to the nearest minute interval you set (5, 10, or 15 minutes)
・Specify time (preset)
・Select time by using picker

Input date automatically
・select date by using picker
・Add or reduce number of days you specified to date
(you can shift the day before or later if the day calculated is the day of the week you specified)
・Add or reduce number of days without day of the week you specified to date
・Change whether elements of date, year, month, day, and day of the week, will be included in a message

Location (Make URL of Maps)
・Use Location services
・Search the location by address or keyword
・Drop a Pin in Map
・Save a screenshot of Maps as an attachment

Piece for the others —


Attachment (picture)
・Attach multiple pictures to email
* tweet with one picture / SMS is not supported

※ All templates can share the piece which is saved as 'model'.
So you don't need to make same pieces, for example signature, group of recipients, and
greeting, for each template.

Other Functions —

・Save text such as drafts and various information.

Widgets ( Up to iOS13 )

URL scheme
・Launch this app from other apps. ( Please enter this " linewriter: " )
・Select the template when launching Line-Writer by URL scheme. (Please copy URL scheme in the view of template setting)

Copy text / Open In…
Ways you can copy and export text is below.
・"Open In…" option ( Export .txt file )
・Open Mail App ( Copy text to pasteboard )
・Run text as URL Scheme
・Open LINE App

* To use this function, please tap text part in Preview.
* The function of exporting text file is only available in case that other app which supports text file is exist on your device.
* The Twitter account specified in advance will not be reflected if you send the tweet from Activity View.

Please notes —

※ HTML template is not supported.
※ The SMS sending feature is only available on the iPhone.
※ In case iOS takes the address you set to be invalid, you need to add the address to field
of recipient after launching view of Email or SMS.
※ An single e-mail cannot be sent if the number of recipient you set is more than the
recipient limit by cellphone company's spam policy that you can email at one time.
※ An Internet connection is required to display maps or to search the location by address.
※ You must enable Location Services on your device and give your permission to “Line-Writer” before it can use your location data.
You can turn Location Services on or off at Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
※ Please check the information about precision or privacy of Location Services on Apple website



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Line-Writer: Flexible Template|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Line-Writer: Flexible Template|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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