LitNav offers a new way of 'reading the city'. Choose a city – anywhere in the world – and be transported to it by its fiction. Traverse its precincts. Map your way through its quarters or arrondissements. The LitNav navigates as it narrates. With it you can travel by train, tram, metro, bus or indeed on foot, experiencing each new landscape through the eyes of a fictional character.

Designed with the commuter in mind, the LitNav enables you to escape the tedium of your everyday 'known journey' and take an alternative route, a more scenic, imaginary one across the face of an unknown city. Choose a story according to the city you wish to visit, or the length of time you have to spare, and the 'download & listen' function will lead you across an interactive map of that city accompanied by an audio reading.

Devised by Comma Press and Literature Across Frontiers, and developed by Toru Interactive, LitNav brings together the fruits of the LAF's 'Tramlines' project and the best of Comma's 'Reading the City' commissions. Find out more at

"Multifaceted, multisensory… a very cool app, very deep."
– App Vader

"A beautifully intuitive app."
– Transfiction

"Downloading LitNav means you can see the city through the eyes of fictitious characters, take imaginary journeys through literature, or experience an alternative view of familiar streets."
– Feature in The National

"The response to the app so far has been amazing. We expected people to like the content, but we’ve been surprised by how much people love the discoverability of stories within the app, too."
– Comma editor Jim Hinks on The Literary Platform



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  • Really clean and smart App!
    by Nico13le on 2013-05-14 at 12:14 AM

    Thanks so much for this app. The design and idea around it is very cool. I'm excited to see additional content & proudly support comma press. Really nice work - super responsive and easy to navigate. Thanks!

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Fixed the map.
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