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Livemote brings together Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to improve field service operations. It simplifies access to the company knowledge and enables innovative remote support through AR.

Livemote is designed with an instant messaging like interface that simplifies maintenance operations management by harnessing a commonly used logic.

Photos, notes, voice messages and intervention details can be added at any time with the same ease of an instant messaging chat.

The Mr. Livemote© AI-based smart assistant guides field operators step-by-step, suggesting actions and potential solutions. It also proposes asset-specific technical files, user manuals and instructional videos.

Field operators are equipped with every piece of knowledge to autonomously solve the problem. Nevertheless, they can remotely contact an expert in case of need.

In LiveAR© mode the field operator forwards his view to the expert, who can attach visual instructions and interactive elements in the precise position in which the field operator needs to intervene.

Any intervention data is saved in order to fill a final report which the customer can sign directly over the screen of the mobile device. The final report will be saved and it can be consulted at any time or sent straight to the customer.

Livemote transforms field operators in “trusted advisor” allowing them to complete interventions quickly and efficiently.

Main features:

Create and manage work orders
Track field operations step-by-step
Access the company knowledge base
Receive augmented reality remote support
Analyze team and individual performances



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Livemote|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Discover the new LiveAR 2.0, the most efficient and performing video call in augmented reality, now compatible with older devices.

In this new version you will also find:

– Optimizations of Italian and Portuguese language
– Improvement of the notification system
– A whole new version of Livemote Manager
– Improved Tablet user experience
– Bug fixes and performance optimization
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  • Version:3.3.0
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Livemote|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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