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To further enhance the Malagos hospitality service, we have developed the Malagos App. It will serve as an all-in-one communication channel for our guests to experience the best of Malagos hospitality service in a contactless platform. From booking your stays with ease to relaying the details of your experience, the world of Malagos App allows you to be in control of how you connect with us. Now, contactless care is at the palm of your hands. The app allows you to:

1. Take an exclusive glimpse of our latest promos and offers
2. Book a reservation
3. Tour the resort at your convenience with our comprehensive resort map with location pins
4. Enhance your overall visitor experience through QR Code accessibility for our amenities and attractions
5. Discover more about our rich ecosystem and resort offers through the app’s search functionality
6. Tell us about your stay through contactless feedback forms
7. Explore the food and beverage offers for each of our food outlets



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Malagos App|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[Malagos App]@iPhone App

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Malagos App|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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