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mFlash provides a secure business cloud hosting solution for professionals.

The mFlash app is a client that is used to access your mFlash cloud on both iPhone and I Pad running iOS 8.1. It allows employees to share files of any type or size with internal or external counterparties in a secure and transparent way while being mobile and on the move.

The mFlash app has following features:
– "Open In…" directly from browser
– open Pages, Numbers and Keynote files in order to edit and save changes directly in mFlash cloud
– open MS Office files with MS Office packet (business or student license for Office 365 needed) in order to edit and save changes directly in mFlash cloud (based on document provider extension)
– use delta between modified and original file for upload in order to save bandwidth
– securely remove local file using 35 pass Gutmann algorithm for securely erasing the contents of computer hard drives after app finishes to access local file (based on document provider extension)
– export files created in Pages, Numbers and Keynote to mFlash cloud (based on document provider extension)
– upload 1 file each time to mFlash cloud from apps which support shared extension
– sync several network drives (in readwrite mode or readonly)

The smooth file exchange with clients, partners, and colleagues will increase communication effectiveness which is becoming a standard in this fast-paced business environment.

mFlash business cloud features
1. mFlash is a low-cost and effective solution for file sharing, particularly applicable for small and medium businesses. It provides efficient and decentralized file sharing with no limitations in size accessible from anywhere in the world.
mFlash allows enterprise-wide management and storage of documents with effective administration.
Quick and low-cost deployment – mFlash integrates into any existing IT infrastructure:

– Ability to use mFlash as an external service for small businesses

– Time and cost saving for data exchange with external branches and agencies.
– File synchronization and browser access
4. mFlash allows shared folders creation in the network for internal and external project work. The number of such folders is unlimited. Access rights are managed centralized. In one entire enterprise there are no limitations on individual units or number of independent virtual networks.
5. mFlash enables synchronizing local folders with version control:
Editing individual files from online folders by clicking on the corresponding PC application in browser. 
No version conflicts – files/folders can be edited by only one user at a time while other users may open files/folders in a read-only mode.
– Economical solution for file sharing
– Efficient and secure exchange of files with customers, partners and colleagues will significantly increase the efficiency of business communication
mFlash is available as a cloud solution and can also be installed on the client’s server as a " private cloud":
– Efficient and low-cost solution for everyday business usage
– Flexible and scalable architecture
– Reduces complexity and cost of IT- processes



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mFlash|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Only cloud drives smaller then 50 MB can be synchronised locallly
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mFlash|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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