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The app mychef iSensor is designed to help you:

– Manage your vacuum programs.
– Wireless printing labels of each associated program.
– Define program names and labels.
– Bluetooth printer management to print labels in each vacuum operation automatically.
– The iSensor app helps you to easily manage and control the working hours and completed cycles. It also controls the cycles for the correct maintenance and cleaning.

mychef iSensor is the ultimate professional vacuum packer with the most user-friendly interface in the market. Just open the lid, place the bag and let the machine decide the optimum vacuum and sealing levels using iVac and iSeal patented systems, turning off automatically once finished. In addition, with its SCS (self-calibrating system) patent, external atmospheric pressure conditions do not influence the final result.

But that's not all, iSensor has a manual mode to give full rein to your creativity. Use the Multi Cycle Vacuum (MCV) patented system to repeat up to 9 consecutive vacuum cycles or the Vacuum Standby patented system to maintain the vacuum inside the chamber. iSensor also allows you to store up to 10 vacuum programs.

The app mychef iSensor is designed to simplify the cooking process. As a novelty, it includes a Start-stop function, with which it is possible to pre-select the time that iSensor will remain in standby once it has reached the vacuum percentage without the need to touch any button. After this time, iSensor will seal the bag and it will open automatically.

Discover the truly intelligent vacuum packer and its new app!



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mychef iSensor|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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