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MyNabertherm App – the powerful and free digital accessory for Nabertherm 500 Series Controllers. Use the app for convenient online progress monitoring of your Nabertherm furnaces – from your office, workshop, while underway or from wherever you wish. The app always keeps you in the picture.

The functions of the Nabertherm furnace monitoring app at a glance:
Convenient monitoring of multiple Nabertherm furnaces simultaneously.
• Dashboard
• Individual overview of a furnace
• Display of active/inactive furnaces
• Operating status
• Current process data

Display of program progress for each furnace
• Overview of program progress
• Display of furnace name, program name, segment information
• Display of start time, program run time, remaining run time
• Display of additional functions such as fresh-air fan, exhaust air flap, gassing, etc.
• Detailed view of heating zones
• Operating modes

Push notifications in case of malfunctions
• Push notification on the lock screen
• Display of malfunctions with an associated description in the individual overview and in a message list

Contact with Service possible
• Stored furnace data facilitate rapid support for you

Available in the following languages:
• DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, RU, DA, NL, PL, PT, SV, CS, HU, TR, RO, NO, EE, FI, HR, LV, LT, SK, SL, CN

Monitoring of Nabertherm furnaces with 500 Series Touch Panel Controller for arts & crafts, laboratory, dental, thermal process technology, advanced materials and foundry applications.

Compatible with all furnaces fitted with a 500 Series Controller.
• Are you interested in retrofitting a new controller to an older Nabertherm furnace?
Please contact us, stating the serial number, at [email protected]

The site must have active on-site WLAN for connecting the furnace to the Internet. The corresponding settings must be made on site if necessary.

Ideas, suggestions or problems? Please contact our Support department at:
We look forward to receiving your feedback about our app.

You can also find us here:
– LinkedIn:
– Instagram:
– YouTube:

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MyNabertherm|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Nabertherm presents the new app for the 500 series controllers.
This version: PUSH notification and bug fixes
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