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Mythology in Easy Greek Apps are language learning apps based on simplified adaptations of well known ancient myths selected from Greek mythology. They have been written by experienced Greek language teachers in the simplest possible language and are accompanied by related exercises. The apps aim at improving the learner’s reading comprehension skills and building up their vocabulary. The narratives may be read and further exploited by the learner with or without the help of a teacher or a dictionary. There are three Mythology app titles all written for learning Stage 3.

The Mythology in Easy Greek Apps present the above in a digital environment, such as your phone or tablet, and contain:

– the tales presented in separate chapters
– tailor-created images from characteristic scenes of the story
– comprehension questions on each chapter
– glossaries of the difficult words in English, French, and German

Mythi (Stage 3):

Myths about some important individuals in ancient Greek Mythology, such as the love of Orpheus for Euridice, the sad fate of Narcissus, the allegory of Daedalus and Icarus, and the greed of king Midas, who wished to turn into gold everything he touched.

The app includes four sections:

A. Αρχική
You will see the front cover of the book with the characteristic illustration of its printed version to welcome you to the app.
B. Διαβάστε
You will see the titles of the chapters so that you can get an idea of the contents. As you read through, you will find words or phrases in bold letters. Their explanations can be found in the Λεξιλόγια (Vocabularies) section.
C. Ασκήσεις
You will find a good number of question-answer exercises, so that you can reinforce your comprehension and writing skills.
D. Λεξιλόγια
You will find Vocabularies in English, French, and German with all the difficult words or phrases which appear in the text in bold letters.

Deltos Publishing was founded in Athens, Greece, in 1990 for the purpose of publishing books, CDs, apps, and other material to help speakers of other languages learn Modern Greek. They are best known for the complete course "Epikinoniste Ellinika" (Communicate in Greek), which systematically takes adult learners of Modern Greek from beginner through to post intermediate level, authored by Kleanthis and Frosso Arvanitakis.



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Mythi|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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