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SelectedASTM Tables
In 1980, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) together with the London Institute of Petroleum (IP) and the American Petroleum Institute (API), introduced the new API/ASTM-IP Petroleum Measurement Tables (further ASTM tables).
These tables are used for calculating volumes and weights of petroleum oil to a specific standard temperature.
These methods are mostly used for calculation of chemical cargoes. But for petroleum products and crude oils, ASTM tables are used for calculating cargo weights. ASTM tables give the Volume correction factors (VCF) to find the volumes at temperature for which the density is provided.


Trim and Stability Tables for M.V.Hindship – These are Trim and Stability tables for a ship M.V.Hindship. The tables have several load conditions as well as in ballast. Problems are created for various conditions of the vessels and the vessels stability is required to be calculated using these tables.


Tide Tables 1992* – Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 (selected pages only)
ADMIRALTY Tide Tables contain easy-to-use height, timing and tidal stream information to support the planning of departure and arrival times. Coverage includes 500 standard and 5,700 secondary ports in the UK and Ireland, Europe, the Indian Ocean, South China Sea and Pacific Ocean.
Each volume of Tide Tables includes:​
• D​​aily high and low-water times and heights for standard ports, time and height differences for secondary ports and harmonic constants for all ports where they are known
• Methods of prediction and information about the effects of meteorological conditions on tides
• Additional information on exceptional tidal factors provided for each area
• ADMIRALTY QR codes to enable quick access to a list of all Notices to Mariners (NMs) that affect that publication
* These tables are copyright of UKHO. Permission is sought for publishing as a Mobile Version.


Nautical Almanac 1992* (Selected Tables)
This publication is a type of navigation aid, which describes the position of celestial bodies to assist navigators at sea to determine their ship's position using celestial navigation
The nautical almanac contains astronomical data for the entire year which assists the navigator in making astronomical calculations on ship. Reading the bullet points will be easier if one has the almanac open in front for easy reference.
A nautical almanac uses the time position as per the GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time) along with the position of the earth to calculate and predict the sea-routes. The position of the sun, the moon, the other planets and 57 main stars are also used along with the GMT and the earth’s position to calculate the potential navigational routes.
* These tables are copyright of UKHO. Permission is sought for publishing as a Mobile Version.



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