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All in one “NuvSmart- Smart Employee Management App” for your Workforce specially designed for NetSuite (Cloud-based ERP) Platform.

NuvSmart App is designed to have smart Employee Management features under a single umbrella as below.


1) Leave management
a) Apply and Approve Leave.
b) Apply and approve Comp Off.
c) Can see Holiday Calendar.
2) Clock In/Out (Attendance management)
a) Manage your Time In and Out from App.
b) Tracks GPS location during In and Out.
c) Attendance register report by employee wise.
3) Expense Management
a) Submit your Travel, Mobile expenses from the Mobile app from anywhere.
b) Get approval from App.
c) Attach receipts via App only.
4) Notifications
a)Get all approval notifications in the App.
5) View Payslips.
6) Dashboard.
7) Feedback Form.
8) File Cabinet.
9) Announcements.
10) Offline/Online Structure.

NuvSmart App is a Company Level environment which can be used to get the information anywhere at anytime. No need to wait now until you reach office.

*Upcoming Application Details:-

This App can also work in Offline mode if there is no internet connection available. So once you get an internet connection, information will get synced automatically into the NetSuite (cloud) ERP.

Upcoming New Features:-

1) Activity (Task) management system.
2) Chatterbox.
3) Video Conferencing.



Download the[NuvSmart]@iPhone App

NuvSmart|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore

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Download the[NuvSmart]@iPhone App

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NuvSmart|Download the iPhone APP from AppStore


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